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Synonym of Activity (noun)

action life enterprise exercise movement exertion motion labor liveliness animation bustle hustle activeness

Example of Activity

Example in a Sentences of Activity

Example Sentences for activity

It enervates the powers of the mind, and benumbs the activity of man.

It was Hampden's activity that saved Reading from a second capture.

He was a short wrinkled old man, but appeared to possess great vigour and activity.

They soon landed; and the whole party, over fifty in number, presented to the eye a new scene of bustle and activity.

The activity and strength of the Frenchman were so great that a skilful pugilist would have found difficulty in handling him.

Pleasure is always to be welcomed as a sign of health and activity.

It is almost as if he wished to rid himself of others; and he is inordinately proud of his own activity.

One by one, the district leaders made their verbal reports of activity.

This activity, this desire to row and walk and drive and to become acquainted, was all due to the air.

Next in importance, if not equal to it, was his activity in politics and diplomacy.

Word Origin & History of - Activity

Word Origin & History of Activity

Word Origin & History

activity 1540s, "state of being active," from Fr. activité, from M.L. activitatem (nom. activitas), a word in Scholastic philosophy, from L. activus (see active). Meaning "state of being active, briskness, liveliness" recorded from 1520s. Activities in schoolwork sense is from 1923, Amer. Eng.

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