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Synonym of Active (adj)

operating alive effective rapid progressive working mobile pushing movable rustling running going traveling flowing rolling simmering functioning rushing operative astir efficacious hasty moving restless speedy walking turning streaming shifting speeding at work bustling exertive impelling in force in play in process swarming

Example of Active

Example in a Sentences of Active

Example Sentences for active

He wrote as a liberal in whom the spirit of individualism was active.

Insect life is as active in Central America as in other parts of the tropics.

Again Bobby was rendered speechless, but his mind was active.

Condescending, pardoning, and active love, is its proper meaning.

If he is so strong in the arm and active as is reported, I desire he will imitate me.

It was during this period that he was most active in the use of his "peek-stone."

And she did not dare leave the active boy alone in the house.

Active preparations for the removal began in and around Nauvoo at once.

Her head is large and well shaped, and she has an active brain.

The most active men were aloft; but several gathered at the falls.

Word Origin & History of - Active

Word Origin & History of Active

Word Origin & History

active mid-14c., from L. activus, from actus (see act). Active voice is recorded from 1765 (grammatical use of active dates from 1520s). Related: Activate (v. 1620s).

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