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Top ten synonyms Achievement. What are 5 "Achievement synonyms"? What is a better word for Achievement? What's another word for Achievement? How can I replace the word Achievement? What is the Definition of Achievement.

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Synonym of Achievement (noun)

creation success effort accomplishment attainment victory realization performance deed feat triumph completion acquirement hit actualization consummation conquest stroke effectuation production exploit masterpiece fulfillment act execution enactment acquisition contrivance tour de force encompassment

Example of Achievement

Example in a Sentences of Achievement

Example Sentences for achievement

A sense of achievement; of conquering the unconquerable; of pitting human wits against giants and winning—a sporting chance.

There can be no achievement in the struggle for existence without an adequate force.

To carry that bridge would be an achievement which would have forever a place in the history of the nation.

"It was myself found him, sir," said the constable with an air of pride in his achievement.

Rochester's best love-poetry reaches the topmost pinnacle of achievement in that kind.

He had the wonderful, upborne feeling of man on the verge of achievement.

The grandeur of the achievement was quite beyond the ken of the generation that witnessed it.

There was only one thing that he valued more than achievement and that was the right.

There may be those who are stimulated to achievement by being in love, though I doubt it.

The nations of the world were profoundly impressed by the achievement.

Word Origin & History of - Achievement

Word Origin & History of Achievement

Word Origin & History

achievement late 15c., "act of completing something," from Fr. achèvement "a finishing," noun of action from achever (see achieve). Meaning "thing achieved" is recorded from 1590s.

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