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Accumulation Definition Accumulation Meaning in Bengali

"Accumulation Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Accumulation. What are 5 "Accumulation synonyms"? What is a better word for Accumulation? What's another word for Accumulation? How can I replace the word Accumulation? What is the Definition of Accumulation.

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Synonym of Accumulation (noun)

aggregation pile inflation growth accretion quantity chunk accession mass aggrandizement addition gob increase store stock agglomeration collection enlargement augmentation heap multiplication stack hunk conglomeration amassment build-up collecting hoarding intensification trove up upping

Example of Accumulation

Example in a Sentences of Accumulation

Example Sentences for accumulation

Their forefathers were stationed there before them, and thus there has been an accumulation of local knowledge.

The air reeked from the accumulation of filth during the siege of the city.

The greatest difficulty that was experienced was due to the accumulation of rime on the instruments.

It was an age of accumulation, of uncritical and indiscriminate enthusiasm.

Where subsistence was scant, accumulation was at least slow.

It is produced by an accumulation of water from rains or the melting of snows.

You'll get an accumulation on your ship that will shoot off like lightning—millions of volts!

Still, the three common sites of the accumulation are those just named.

A heavy coating of gravel is usually placed on the ground in order to avoid the growth of vegetation or an accumulation of dust.

The liver is often enlarged, probably from accumulation of blood.

Word Origin & History of - Accumulation

Word Origin & History of Accumulation

Word Origin & History

accumulation late 15c., from L. accumulationem (nom. accumulatio) "a heaping up," from accumulare "to heap up in a mass," from ad- "in addition" + cumulare "heap up," from cumulus "heap" (see cumulus).

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