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Top ten synonyms Accessory. What are 5 "Accessory synonyms"? What is a better word for Accessory? What's another word for Accessory? How can I replace the word Accessory? What is the Definition of Accessory.

Synonym of Accessory (noun)

decoration component adornment appliance trim help extension extra addition accent appendix frill adjunct supplement attachment appendage appurtenance trimming

Example of Accessory

Example in a Sentences of Accessory

Example Sentences for accessory

That made him, like the Donaldsons, accessory after the fact, and criminally liable.

It's your business to have it maintained; and if you don't, I'll have you punished as accessory to the deed.

But don't you realise that you may be charged with being an accessory before or after the act?

With Rome the Individual is nothing but a pawn, an accessory to the Church.

It is my belief that many so-called good wives have been accessory to making their husbands very bad Christians.

Not at all,” replied Gratz; “there was an accessory—yourself!

The battlefield, now, has become little more than an accessory.

It censured Mrs. McKee severely for having been, so to speak, and accessory after the fact.

The deduction of a Social Order from them was an accessory work.

It is always more or less a question of "an accessory business."

Word Origin & History of - Accessory

Word Origin & History of Accessory

Word Origin & History

accessory also accessary (n.), early 15c. as a legal term in the criminal sense of "one aiding in a crime;" adj. meaning "aiding in crime" is from c.1600; both from L.L. accessorius, from accessor, agent noun from accedere (see access). Attested from 1896 as "woman's smaller articles of dress," hence accessorize (1939).

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