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Academician Definition Academician Meaning in Bengali

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Top ten synonyms Academician. What are 5 "Academician synonyms"? What is a better word for Academician? What's another word for Academician? How can I replace the word Academician? What is the meaning of Academician in English?

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Synonym of Academician (noun)

lecturer professor scholar student tutor pupil scholastic

Example of Academician

Example in a Sentences of Academician

Example Sentences for academician

"Can't see why they didn't make me a full Academician while they were about it," he said.

They unanimously elected me an Academician, and I have received the diploma.

There was only one Academician who could be found to give a vote for Harlow.

Then he would have declared himself not to be an Academician, but a Republican.

But if I do I'm mortally afraid they'll make an academician of me.

And not only did he court Brtigny, but every Academician who came in.

The line of art pursued by my very ingenious predecessor and brother Academician, Mr. Penny.

You will not be an Academician, but you will always be my dear little lover.

But, Madame, the Academy only has any real interest for you when an Academician dies.

The academician had induced the marquis to take him as a secretary.

Word Origin & History of - Academician

Word Origin & History of Academician

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