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Top ten synonyms Abrupt. What are 5 "Abrupt synonyms"? What is a better word for Abrupt? What's another word for Abrupt? How can I replace the word Abrupt? What is the Definition of Abrupt.

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Synonym of Abrupt (adj)

blunt brusque crude crusty curt direct discourteous gruff impetuous impolite matter-of-fact rough short snappy snippy uncivil ungracious

Example of Abrupt

Example in a Sentences of Abrupt

Example Sentences for abrupt

Her reflections were brought to an abrupt end by what President Morton was saying.

The abrupt fall was not more than a foot now, and I had strong hopes that we could overcome it.

The person who reads a monologue aloud will find that its abrupt transitions are a great help, and not a hindrance.

He broke off, climaxing his question with an abrupt swing of the sword.

The abrupt slant of the hill gives the building an additional story on the south side.

Porter came to an abrupt stop, turned, and looked at Elshawe.

The tongue is yellow, abrupt at the point, and furnished with three bristles.

It is an abrupt stoppage of sensation, unaccompanied by a pang.

The next change is not abrupt, like the first; but it is as great.

Excuse me if I am abrupt; I have had many persons calling on me with your errand.

Word Origin & History of - Abrupt

Word Origin & History of Abrupt

Word Origin & History

abrupt 1580s, from L. abruptus "broken off, precipitous, disconnected," pp. of abrumpere "break off," from ab- "off" + rumpere "break" (see rupture). Related: Abruptly.

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