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Abominate Definition Abominate Meaning in Bengali

"Abominate Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms Abominate. What are 5 "Abominate synonyms"? What is a better word for Abominate? What's another word for Abominate? How can I replace the word Abominate? What is the Definition of Abominate.

Synonym of Abominate (verb)

despise dislike hate abhor loathe

Example of Abominate

Example in a Sentences of Abominate

Example Sentences for abominate

They cause the Tartars to delight in a diet of milk, and the American Indian to abominate it.

They're from Tomkins's, and we girls just abominate his things.

I decline the favour, as I abominate the rats, which you know nothing about, and which would certainly get into my bed.

I have no bowels for hypocrisy, and I abominate and detest kingship.

For I abominate animals, cats as well as dogs, as it is my right to hate the animal within myself.

I abominate the idea of frying eggs in water as the Americans do.

I abominate and detest hangmanship; but in certain stages of society both are necessary.

Do you know that I abominate myself when I am obliged to get so excited.

We blame nobody for being anti-slavery, but we do abominate fanatical abolitionism.

These animals, of all ill scents, abominate most that of the oil of turpentine.

Word Origin & History of - Abominate

Word Origin & History of Abominate

Word Origin & History

abominate 1640s, from L. abominatus, pp. of abominari (see abomination).

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