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Abhor Definition Abhor Meaning in Bengali

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Top ten synonyms Abhor. What are 5 "Abhor synonyms"? What is a better word for Abhor? What's another word for Abhor? How can I replace the word Abhor? What is the Definition of Abhor.

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Synonym of Abhor (verb)

scorn despise detest hate loathe abominate be allergic to be down on be grossed out by have no use for

Example of Abhor

Example in a Sentences of Abhor

Example Sentences for abhor

The floors I abhor, made of red tiles in the shape of Mrs. Quincy's floor-cloth tiles.

If Rosario does not abhor that ruffian as I wish her to do, she shall abhor him.

Their sole cosmetic consisted in unguents, which we now abhor as characteristic of the Hottentots.

Of course, they abhor us, and invoke all manner of curses on our heads.

I despise a weak woman, I hate a masculine one, and a pedantic one I abhor.

O, how my soul did abhor the English, when I saw these poor soldiers!

I must depend in future for subsistence on the shell-fish, the very taste of which I abhor.

I have done nothing that I ought to be ashamed of, and I abhor deceit.

I do not like to give them because they are not feminine, and I abhor all that is not feminine.

Let your love be sincere; abhor that which is evil, cling to that which is good.

Word Origin & History of - Abhor

Word Origin & History of Abhor

Word Origin & History

abhor mid-15c., from L. abhorrere "shrink back in terror," from ab- "away" + horrere "tremble at, shudder," lit. "to bristle, be shaggy," from PIE *ghers- "start out, stand out, rise to a point, bristle" (see horror).

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