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'Un Definition 'Un Meaning in Bengali

"'Un Synonyms"

Top ten synonyms 'Un. What are 5 "'Un synonyms"? What is a better word for 'Un? What's another word for 'Un? How can I replace the word 'Un? What is the Definition of 'Un.

Synonym of 'Un (prefix)

Example of 'Un

Example in a Sentences of 'Un

    (added to adjectives, participles, and their derivatives) denoting the absence of a quality or state; not.
        the reverse of (usually with an implication of approval or disapproval, or with another special connotation).
    (added to nouns) a lack of.

prefix: un-

    added to verbs:
    denoting the reversal or cancellation of an action or state.
    denoting deprivation, separation, or reduction to a lesser state.
        denoting release.

Word Origin & History of - 'Un

Word Origin & History of 'Un

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