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"Thesaurus Meaning In Bengali"

Thesaurus (noun) - জ্ঞানভাণ্ডার; ভাব অভিধান; কোষাগার; সমার্থকোষ;

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Thesaurus Meaning in Bengali. Thesaurus শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ কি? English to Bangla online dictionary "Thesaurus meaning in bengali". Google Translate "Thesaurus".

"Thesaurus Meaning"

Thesaurus বাংলা অর্থ. What is the meaning of Thesaurus in English? What does Thesaurus mean? What is another word for Thesaurus? Definition at online dictionary.

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Similar Words

Similar Words: thesaur, thesaural, thesauri, thesauris, thesaurismosis, thesaurus, thesaurusauri, thesauruses, thesaury,

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Thesaurus Example in a sentence:

Thesaurus History and Origin

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Thesaurus Synonyms

reference book glossary lexicon terminology vocabulary onomasticon language reference book sourcebook storehouse of words treasury of words word list

Thesaurus Definition

noun, plural thesauruses, thesauri
[-sawr-ahy] /-ˈsɔr aɪ/ (Show IPA)
a dictionary of synonyms and antonyms, such as the online Thesaurus.
any dictionary, encyclopedia, or other comprehensive reference book.
a storehouse, repository, or treasury.
  1. an index to information stored in a computer, consisting of a comprehensive list of subjects concerning which information may be retrieved by using the proper key terms.
  2. a dictionary of synonyms and antonyms stored in memory for use in word processing.

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