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"Texture Meaning In Bengali"

Texture Meaning in Bengali. Texture শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ কি? English to Bangla online dictionary "Texture meaning in bengali". Google Translate "Texture".

"Texture Meaning"

Texture বাংলা অর্থ. What is the meaning of Texture in English? What does Texture mean? What is another word for Texture? Definition at online dictionary.

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Texture Example in a sentence

Texture Example in a sentence:

Texture History and Origin

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Texture Synonyms

balance sense fabric nature taste pattern makeup character surface smoothness consistency touch feeling quality composition structure being essence flexibility fineness arrangement web constitution make roughness feel nap strategy essentiality scheme fiber form warp framework disposition weave coarseness grain stiffness organization tissue woof intermixture

Texture Definition

the visual and especially tactile quality of a surface:
rough texture.
the characteristic structure of the interwoven or intertwined threads, strands, or the like, that make up a textile fabric:
coarse texture.
the characteristic physical structure given to a material, an object, etc., by the size, shape, arrangement, and proportions of its parts:
soil of a sandy texture; a cake with a heavy texture.
an essential or characteristic quality; essence.
Fine Arts.
  1. the characteristic visual and tactile quality of the surface of a work of art resulting from the way in which the materials are used.
  2. the imitation of the tactile quality of represented objects.
the quality given, as to a musical or literary work, by the combination or interrelation of parts or elements.
a rough or grainy surface quality.
anything produced by weaving; woven fabric.
verb (used with object), textured, texturing.
to give texture or a particular texture to.
to make by or as if by weaving.

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