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"Reserve Meaning In Bengali"

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Reserve Meaning in Bengali. Reserve শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ কি? English to Bangla online dictionary "Reserve meaning in bengali". Google Translate "Reserve".

"Reserve Meaning"

Reserve বাংলা অর্থ. What is the meaning of Reserve in English? What does Reserve mean? What is another word for Reserve? Definition at online dictionary.

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Similar Words

Similar Words: reserate, reserene, reserpine, reserpinized, reservable, reserval, reservation, reservationist, reservations, reservative,

Reserve Example in a sentence

Reserve Example in a sentence:

Reserve History and Origin

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Reserve Synonyms

plant wealth reservoir fund stockpile inventory capital stock resources assets provisions cache stash savings backlog drop hoard insurance store nest egg ace in hole emergency fund rainy day fund

Reserve Definition

verb (used with object), reserved, reserving.
to keep back or save for future use, disposal, treatment, etc.
to retain or secure by express stipulation.
to set apart for a particular use, purpose, service, etc.:
ground reserved for gardening.
to keep for oneself.
to retain (the original color) of a surface, as on a painted ceramic piece.
to save or set aside (a portion of the Eucharistic elements) to be administered, as to the sick, outside of the Mass or communion service.
  1. cash, or assets readily convertible into cash, held aside, as by a corporation, bank, state or national government, etc., to meet expected or unexpected demands.
  2. uninvested cash held to comply with legal requirements.
something kept or stored for use or need; stock:
a reserve of food.
a resource not normally called upon but available if needed.
a tract of public land set apart for a special purpose:
a forest reserve.
an act of reserving; reservation, exception, or qualification:
I will do what you ask, but with one reserve.
  1. a fraction of a military force held in readiness to sustain the attack or defense made by the rest of the force.
  2. the part of a country's fighting force not in active service.
  3. reserves, the enrolled but not regular components of the U.S. Army.
formality and self-restraint in manner and relationship; avoidance of familiarity or intimacy with others:
to conduct oneself with reserve.
reticence or silence.
kept in reserve; forming a reserve:
a reserve fund; a reserve supply.
of or relating to the animal awarded second place in livestock shows:
the reserve champion steer.
in reserve, put aside or withheld for a future need; reserved:
money in reserve.
without reserve,
  1. without restraint; frankly; freely.
  2. (of articles at auction) without limitation as to the terms of sale, especially with no stipulated minimum price.

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