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"Prudent Meaning In Bengali"

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Prudent Meaning in Bengali. Prudent শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ কি? English to Bangla online dictionary "Prudent meaning in bengali". Google Translate "Prudent".

"Prudent Meaning"

Prudent বাংলা অর্থ. What is the meaning of Prudent in English? What does Prudent mean? What is another word for Prudent? Definition at online dictionary.

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Similar Words

Similar Words: prude, prudelike, prudely, pruden, prudence, prudences, prudent, prudential, prudentialism, prudentialist,

Prudent Example in a sentence

Prudent Example in a sentence:

Prudent History and Origin

History of: Prudent

Prudent Synonyms

cautious reasonable frugal shrewd vigilant discreet sane economical judicious careful advisable canny circumspect discerning far-sighted leery politic provident sagacious sage sapient sound sparing tactical thrifty wary judgmatic playing safe thinking twice hedging one's bets

Prudent Definition

wise or judicious in practical affairs; sagacious; discreet or circumspect; sober.
careful in providing for the future; provident:
a prudent decision.

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