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"Handle Meaning In Bengali"

Handle (verb) - হাতল,বাঁট, নাড়াচাড়া করা

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Handle Meaning in Bengali. Handle শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ কি? English to Bangla online dictionary "Handle meaning in bengali". Google Translate "Handle".

"Handle Meaning"

Handle বাংলা অর্থ. What is the meaning of Handle in English? What does Handle mean? What is another word for Handle? Definition at online dictionary.

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Similar Words

Similar Words: handlaid, handle, handle personally, handle roughly, handle with kid gloves, handleable, handlebar, handlebar moustache, handlebar mustache, handlebar mustaches,

Handle Example in a sentence

Handle Example in a sentence:

Example Sentences for handle

Mr. Moore: The cabbage worm is one that is very easy to handle.

He can handle fifteen hundred men better'n I handle my three.

The handle, released from all pressure, flew through the air and Tom rolled over backwards into Morris's lap.

Yet he hesitated again before he turned the handle of the outer door.

He is plenty big and strong enough to handle her if he is able to get a friend of his to go along with him.

The Portuguese smiled sheepishly, walked to the wall and gripped the handle.

She does not handle quantities sufficient or cater for consumers enough to gain large knowledge of her business.

Then he gripped the handle, and, flinging the door open, stepped in.

He will handle a rattle at six or seven months, and shows delight in such toys.

The handle did not seem to be long enough to balance the head.

Handle History and Origin

History of: Handle

Handle Synonyms

knob shaft stem holder ear crank grasp hold bail arm stock handgrip hilt helve haft tiller

Handle Definition

a part of a thing made specifically to be grasped or held by the hand.
that which may be held, seized, grasped, or taken advantage of in effecting a purpose:
The clue was a handle for solving the mystery.
  1. a person's name, especially the given name.
  2. a person's alias, nickname, or code name.
  3. a username, as on a social-media website:
    What's your Twitter handle?
  4. a name or term by which something is known, described, or explained.
the total amount wagered on an event, series of events, or for an entire season or seasons, as at a gambling casino or in horse racing:
The track handle for the day was over a million dollars.
the total amount of money taken in by a business concern on one transaction, sale, event, or series of transactions, or during a specific period, especially by a theater, nightclub, sports arena, resort hotel, or the like.
hand (def 27).
Informal. a way of getting ahead or gaining an advantage:
The manufacturer regards the new appliance as its handle on the Christmas market.
verb (used with object), handled, handling.
to touch, pick up, carry, or feel with the hand or hands; use the hands on; take hold of.
to manage, deal with, or be responsible for:
My wife handles the household accounts. This computer handles all our billing.
to use or employ, especially in a particular manner; manipulate:
to handle color expertly in painting.
to manage, direct, train, or control:
to handle troops.
to deal with (a subject, theme, argument, etc.):
The poem handled the problem of instinct versus intellect.
to deal with or treat in a particular way:
to handle a person with tact.
to deal or trade in:
to handle dry goods.
verb (used without object), handled, handling.
to behave or perform in a particular way when handled, directed, managed, etc.:
The troops handled well. The jet was handling poorly.
fly off the handle, Informal. to become very agitated or angry, especially without warning or adequate reason:
I can't imagine why he flew off the handle like that.
get / have a handle on, to acquire an understanding or knowledge of:
Can you get a handle on what your new boss expects?

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