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"Fulfill Meaning In Bengali"

Fulfill (verb) - মেটান; পূর্ণ করা; প্রতিপালন করা; নির্বাহ করা; সংসাধন করা; পূরণ করা; সিদ্ধ করা; সম্পাদন করা; কার্যকর করা; পালন করা; অনুকূল হত্তয়া; উপযুক্ত হত্তয়া; উপযোগী হত্তয়া; অনুরূপ হত্তয়া; পরিপূরণ করা; সম্পূর্ণ করা; কাজে লাগান; তৃপ্ত করা; সার্থক করা; চরিতার্থতা;;

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Fulfill Meaning in Bengali. Fulfill শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ কি? English to Bangla online dictionary "Fulfill meaning in bengali". Google Translate "Fulfill".

"Fulfill Meaning"

Fulfill বাংলা অর্থ. What is the meaning of Fulfill in English? What does Fulfill mean? What is another word for Fulfill? Definition at online dictionary.

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Similar Words

Similar Words: fulfil, fulfill, fulfilled, fulfiller, fulfillers, fulfilling, fulfillings, fulfillment, fulfillments, fulfills,

Fulfill Example in a sentence

Fulfill Example in a sentence:

Example Sentences for fulfill

Go and fulfill your contract faithfully this time; a second rupture might not go so well with you as the first.

Cherish your health, that you may be able to fulfill all your duties.

Surely a kind Providence watched over these unprotected ones that they might in after years fulfill their destiny.

We shall continue to the utmost to fulfill your father's trust in us.

She had learned by wireless of the appearance of the French craft in the danger zone, and had come to fulfill her mission.

Saladin found that he could not fulfill the conditions to which he had agreed.

In presenting a sketch of this life I attempt to fulfill a threefold duty.

He was constantly promising what he was not able to fulfill.

An active, earnest, resolute soul reads only that which helps him fulfill the haunting purpose of his life.

They reveal his ideals, and to fulfill these ideals became the end of his life.

Fulfill History and Origin

History of: Fulfill

Word Origin & History

fulfill O.E. fullfyllan "fill up, make full," from full + fyllan (see fill, which is ultimately from the root of full). Used early of prophecy and perhaps a translation of L. implere, adimplere. Related: Fulfilled; fulfilling.

Fulfill Synonyms

conform render conclude fill perfect accomplish effectuate perform suffice please score suit answer achieve satisfy do finish obey effect observe discharge realize execute keep meet implement carry out be just the ticket comply with fill the bill make it make the grade hit the bull's-eye

Fulfill Definition

verb (used with object)
to carry out, or bring to realization, as a prophecy or promise.
to perform or do, as duty; obey or follow, as commands.
to satisfy (requirements, obligations, etc.):
a book that fulfills a long-felt need.
to bring to an end; finish or complete, as a period of time:
He felt that life was over when one had fulfilled his threescore years and ten.
to develop the full potential of (usually used reflexively):
She realized that she could never fulfill herself in such work.

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