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"Formula Meaning In Bengali"

Formula (noun) - সূত্র; সঙ্কেত

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Formula Meaning in Bengali. Formula শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ কি? English to Bangla online dictionary "Formula meaning in bengali". Google Translate "Formula".

"Formula Meaning"

Formula বাংলা অর্থ. What is the meaning of Formula in English? What does Formula mean? What is another word for Formula? Definition at online dictionary.

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Similar Words: formula, formula 1 car racing, formula 1 car racings, Formula One, formulable, formulae, formulaic, formulaically, formular, formularies,

Formula Example in a sentence

Formula Example in a sentence:

Example Sentences for formula

It struck Napier that she didn't apply her formula, "You are very kind."

This formula was obtained from Takwatih, as given to him by a specialist in this line.

A motion of prohibition that had in it none of the grace of entreaty, checked his formula.

Invariably there is among these a formula for ferrous oxalate developer.

The formula has neutralized the best men in Congress, the best men in the Cabinet, as is Stanton.

A formula for this process will be found in the chapter on artificial feeding.

Humes problem, thus viewed, finds its final and complete expression in the formula: How are synthetic a priori judgments possible?

And nothing Lady Helen could say moved her, or modified her formula of refusal.

My formula so far had been that when an American said a road was good, it was bad.

And upon this formula, Gregorio hastened to the door, and opened it.

Formula History and Origin

History of: Formula

Formula Synonyms

code creed canon credo precept rubric custom way theorem rite method blueprint direction description form maxim prescription equation ritual principle rote procedure modus operandi formulary specifications

Formula Definition

noun, plural formulas, formulae
[fawr-myuh-lee] /ˈfɔr myəˌli/ (Show IPA)
a set form of words, as for stating or declaring something definitely or authoritatively, for indicating procedure to be followed, or for prescribed use on some ceremonial occasion.
any fixed or conventional method for doing something:
His mystery stories were written according to a popular formula.
  1. a rule or principle, frequently expressed in algebraic symbols.
  2. such a symbolic expression.
Chemistry. an expression of the constituents of a compound by symbols and figures.
a recipe or prescription:
a new formula for currant wine.
a special nutritive mixture, especially of milk, sugar, and water, in prescribed proportions for feeding a baby.
a formal statement of religious doctrine.
(initial capital letter) a set of specifications as to weight, engine displacement, fuel capacity, etc., for defining a class of racing cars (usually followed by a limiting numerical designation):
Some races are open to Formula One cars.

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