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"Enclose Meaning In Bengali"

Enclose (verb) - অবরুদ্ধ করা; ভেতরে রাখা; বেষ্টন করা

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Enclose Meaning in Bengali. Enclose শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ কি? English to Bangla online dictionary "Enclose meaning in bengali". Google Translate "Enclose".

"Enclose Meaning"

Enclose বাংলা অর্থ. What is the meaning of Enclose in English? What does Enclose mean? What is another word for Enclose? Definition at online dictionary.

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Similar Words

Similar Words: encloak, enclog, encloister, enclosable, enclose, enclosed, enclosed by, enclosed order, enclosed orders, encloser,

Enclose Example in a sentence

Enclose Example in a sentence:

Example Sentences for enclose

The sandstone and marl cliffs which enclose it become gradually lower as one goes downward.

I enclose a postal-order for sixpence, to see you through the rest of the term.

I'll enclose you the list of the distinguished company now here, and you 'll pick out any to whom you can present me.

I enclose you copies of letters which I am sure will afford you much pleasure.

Make good pie crust—roll it out about two-thirds of an inch thick, cut it into pieces just large enough to enclose one apple.

As we lifted up the wagon, the box was elevated so as to enclose the instrument.

I enclose a letter from your sister, pleading with me to urge you to visit them this winter.

Tell me of the land you hope to enclose from the forest—what manner of trees grow on it?'

If you can enclose any other evidence it will be of the greatest value, Tom wrote, also, by way of stronger hint.

I enclose my own photograph, in case you should like to possess a copy.

Enclose History and Origin

History of: Enclose

Word Origin & History

enclose early 14c., from en- + close (v.). Specific sense of "to fence in waste or common ground" for the purpose of cultivation or to give it to private owners, is from c.1500. Meaning "place a document with a letter for transmission" is from 1707. Related: Enclosed; enclosing.

Enclose Synonyms

encircle insert wrap encompass fence bound restrict intern circumscribe imbue veil limit pen jail circle include impound blockade mew hedge cage implant induct confine enfold cover immure enshroud corral environ imprison coop hem in encase block off box up close in fence off lock in lock up mure set apart shut in wall in

Enclose Definition

verb (used with object), enclosed, enclosing.
to shut or hem in; close in on all sides:
a valley enclosed by tall mountains.
to surround, as with a fence or wall:
to enclose land.
to insert in the same envelope, package, or the like:
He enclosed a check. A book was sent with the bill enclosed.
to hold or contain:
His letter enclosed a check.
Roman Catholic Church.
  1. to restrict to the enclosure of a monastery or convent.
  2. (of a monastery, convent, church, etc.) to establish or fix the boundary of an enclosure.

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