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"Dressed Meaning In Bengali"

Dressed (adjective) - পরিহিত; প্রসাধিত; সজ্জিত; অলঙ্কৃত; ভূষিত; সাজান;

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Dressed Meaning in Bengali. Dressed শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ কি? English to Bangla online dictionary "Dressed meaning in bengali". Google Translate "Dressed".

"Dressed Meaning"

Dressed বাংলা অর্থ. What is the meaning of Dressed in English? What does Dressed mean? What is another word for Dressed? Definition at online dictionary.

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Dressed Example in a sentence

Dressed Example in a sentence:

Example Sentences for dressed

As I dressed I listened for a sound from the adjoining room.

They were dressed in the ornate court dress of the Western Empire, he saw.

Laura found us dressed and well pleased with each other on her return.

The daughter was dressed like the mother, save that she wore pearls in place of diamonds.

And he only consented to be treated like a footman when he dressed like one.

As Stuart dressed for the dinner he thought of Harriet with a pang.

But now you must run and get washed and dressed, for breakfast is almost ready.

Without thinking when he dressed, he had transferred it to his evening suit.

A strange and wonderful sensation—to be dressed once more as a gentleman.

I'll be all dressed and ready and standing in the hall by five o'clock.

Dressed History and Origin

History of: Dressed

Word Origin & History

dress early 14c., "make straight," from O.Fr. dresser "put right, put straight," from V.L. *directiare, from L. directus "direct, straight." Sense of "decorate, adorn" is late 14c.; that of "put on clothing" late 14c. Original sense survives in military meaning "align columns of troops." Dress up "attire elaborately" is from 1670s; dressing down "wearing clothes less formal than expected" is from 1960. To dress (someone) down (1769) is ironical. To dress meat or other food (for cooking) is 14c. Dressing-gown first recorded 1777."One of those fine old dressy things, who thinks to conceal her age, everywhere exposing her person" [Goldsmith, 1768].Related: Dressed; dressing.

Dressed Synonyms

trim drape don adorn cover turn out decorate attire clothe put on wear bedeck deck ornament clad garb array embellish raiment primp apparel rig robe outfit furbish change costume spruce up bundle up fit out slip into slip on suit up

Dressed Definition

an outer garment for women and girls, consisting of bodice and skirt in one piece.
clothing; apparel; garb:
The dress of the 18th century was colorful.
formal attire.
a particular form of appearance; guise.
outer covering, as the plumage of birds.
of or for a dress or dresses.
of or for a formal occasion.
requiring formal dress.
verb (used with object), dressed or drest, dressing.
to put clothing upon.
to put formal or evening clothes on.
to trim; ornament; adorn:
to dress a store window; to dress a Christmas tree.
to design clothing for or sell clothes to.
to comb out and do up (hair).
to cut up, trim, and remove the skin, feathers, viscera, etc., from (an animal, meat, fowl, or flesh of a fowl) for market or for cooking (often followed by out when referring to a large animal):
We dressed three chickens for the dinner. He dressed out the deer when he got back to camp.
to prepare (skins, fabrics, timber, stone, ore, etc.) by special processes.
to apply medication or a dressing to (a wound or sore).
to make straight; bring (troops) into line:
to dress ranks.
to make (stone, wood, or other building material) smooth.
to cultivate (land, fields, etc.).
Theater. to arrange (a stage) by effective placement of properties, scenery, actors, etc.
to ornament (a vessel) with ensigns, house flags, code flags, etc.:
The bark was dressed with masthead flags only.
  1. to prepare or bait (a fishhook) for use.
  2. to prepare (bait, especially an artificial fly) for use.
Printing. to fit (furniture) around and between pages in a chase prior to locking it up.
to supply with accessories, optional features, etc.:
to have one's new car fully dressed.
verb (used without object), dressed or drest, dressing.
to clothe or attire oneself; put on one's clothes:
Wake up and dress, now!
to put on or wear formal or fancy clothes:
to dress for dinner.
to come into line, as troops.
to align oneself with the next soldier, marcher, dancer, etc., in line.
Verb phrases
dress down,
  1. to reprimand; scold.
  2. to thrash; beat.
  3. to dress informally or less formally:
    to dress down for the shipboard luau.
dress up,
  1. to put on one's best or fanciest clothing; dress relatively formally:
    They were dressed up for the Easter parade.
  2. to dress in costume or in another person's clothes:
    to dress up in Victorian clothing; to dress up as Marie Antoinette.
  3. to embellish or disguise, especially in order to make more appealing or acceptable:
    to dress up the facts with colorful details.
dress ship,
  1. to decorate a ship by hoisting lines of flags running its full length.
  2. U.S. Navy. to display the national ensigns at each masthead and a larger ensign on the flagstaff.

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