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"Dignity Meaning In Bengali"

Dignity (noun) - মর্যদা

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Dignity Meaning in Bengali. Dignity শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ কি? English to Bangla online dictionary "Dignity meaning in bengali". Google Translate "Dignity".

"Dignity Meaning"

Dignity বাংলা অর্থ. What is the meaning of Dignity in English? What does Dignity mean? What is another word for Dignity? Definition at online dictionary.

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Similar Words

Similar Words: dignification, dignifications, dignified, dignified woman, dignified women, dignifiedly, dignifiedness, dignifies, dignify, dignifying,

Dignity Example in a sentence

Dignity Example in a sentence:

Example Sentences for dignity

Gone now was the consciousness of strength, the dignity of the patrician!

"Anyway, sir, I should not discuss your business," said the valet with dignity.

"I'm going to school," replied Peter with a great deal of dignity.

I was awed and abashed by the dignity of his bearing and his speech.

They are not of the dignity of Somerset House, but they will serve.

Miltonville had not yet arisen to the dignity of having a literary society.

A general of the National army, who was present, remarks that Barksdale died "like a brave man, with dignity and resignation."

Sensations give the grain to the wood, the depth and dignity to the picture.

They walked with long steps, slowly, with care and dignity, and the soft patter of their naked feet was strange to hear.

He was a tall, fine-looking man, ever moving with that dignity which seems instinctive in one accustomed to command.

Dignity History and Origin

History of: Dignity

Word Origin & History

dignity early 13c., from O.Fr. dignete, from L. dignitatem (nom. dignitas) "worthiness," from dignus "worth (n.), worthy, proper, fitting" from PIE *dek-no-, from base *dek- "to take, accept" (see decent).

Dignity Synonyms

status self-respect respectability decorum greatness poise grace virtue decency stature prestige quality honor grandeur morality etiquette majesty merit culture renown eminence standing character gravity state station significance seemliness worth elevation importance regard cachet rank address ethics loftiness glory solemnity hauteur propriety splendor consequence distinction perfection stateliness sublimity worthiness nobleness courtliness

Dignity Definition

noun, plural dignities.
bearing, conduct, or speech indicative of self-respect or appreciation of the formality or gravity of an occasion or situation.
nobility or elevation of character; worthiness:
dignity of sentiments.
elevated rank, office, station, etc.
relative standing; rank.
a sign or token of respect:
an impertinent question unworthy of the dignity of an answer.
  1. person of high rank or title.
  2. such persons collectively.

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