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"Crystal Meaning In Bengali"

Crystal (noun) - স্ফটিক; কাঁচ; স্বচ্ছদানা

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Crystal Meaning in Bengali. Crystal শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ কি? English to Bangla online dictionary "Crystal meaning in bengali". Google Translate "Crystal".

"Crystal Meaning"

Crystal বাংলা অর্থ. What is the meaning of Crystal in English? What does Crystal mean? What is another word for Crystal? Definition at online dictionary.

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Similar Words

Similar Words: cryst, cryst., crysta, crystal, crystal ball, crystal ball divine, crystal ball divined, crystal ball divines, crystal ball divining, crystal ball gazer,

Crystal Example in a sentence

Crystal Example in a sentence:

Example Sentences for crystal

Sees temples, groves, and glittering towers, that in her crystal shine.

Wordsworth quoted, "Filling more and more with crystal light," 55.

The Crystal Palace is a shilling exhibition; but the greater number of visitors only pay 1s.

Eugene Grandon has an insincere nature, while hers is like crystal.

For chlorine add couple of drops of nitric acid to a little of the water and a crystal or drop of solution of nitrate of silver.

Nearly all of the pictures were upon panels of crystal that were set in the wall.

From a series of beautiful experiments, in which they were made to pass amongst the atoms of a crystal, we learned their length.

These symbols are the Mirror, the Crystal, and the Sword, and each has its own significance.

About two hours from Ak-Sheher we passed a splendid fountain of crystal water, gushing up beside the road.

He drew the crystal from his breast, and held it up for Saxe to see.

Crystal History and Origin

History of: Crystal

Word Origin & History

crystal O.E. cristal "clear ice, clear mineral," from O.Fr. cristal, from L. crystallum "crystal, ice," from Gk. krystallos, from kryos "frost," from PIE base *kru(s)- "hard, hard outer surface" (see crust). The mineral has been so-called since O.E.; it was regarded by the ancients as a sort of fossilized ice. As a shortened form of crystal-glass it dates from 1590s.

Crystal Synonyms

clear-cut limpid lucid luminous pellucid translucent lucent transpicuous unblurred

Crystal Definition

a clear, transparent mineral or glass resembling ice.
the transparent form of crystallized quartz.
Chemistry, Mineralogy. a solid body having a characteristic internal structure and enclosed by symmetrically arranged plane surfaces, intersecting at definite and characteristic angles.
anything made of or resembling such a substance.
a single grain or mass of a crystalline substance.
glass of fine quality and a high degree of brilliance.
articles, especially glassware for the table and ornamental objects, made of such a glass.
the glass or plastic cover over the face of a watch.
  1. the piece of germanium, silicon, galena, or the like forming the essential part of a crystal detector.
  2. the crystal detector itself.
Electronics. a quartz crystal ground in the shape of a rectangular parallelepiped, which vibrates strongly at one frequency when electric voltages of that frequency are placed across opposite sides: used to control the frequency of an oscillator (crystal oscillator) as of a radio transmitter.
Slang. any stimulant drug in powder form, as methamphetamine or PCP.
composed of crystal.
resembling crystal; clear; transparent.
Radio. pertaining to or employing a crystal detector.
indicating the fifteenth event of a series, as a wedding anniversary.
verb (used with object), crystaled, crystaling or (especially British) crystalled, crystalling.
to make into crystal; crystallize.
to cover or coat with, or as if with, crystal (usually followed by over).

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