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"Credit Meaning In Bengali"

Credit (noun) - খ্যাতি; বিশ্বাস ও সুনাম; সম্মান; কৃতিত্বের স্বীকৃতি ধারে বিক্রয়; ঋণদান; জমা

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Credit Meaning in Bengali. Credit শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ কি? English to Bangla online dictionary "Credit meaning in bengali". Google Translate "Credit".

"Credit Meaning"

Credit বাংলা অর্থ. What is the meaning of Credit in English? What does Credit mean? What is another word for Credit? Definition at online dictionary.

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Similar Words

Similar Words: credibilities, credibility, credibility gap, credibility-gap, credible, credibleness, credibly, credit, credit card, credit cards,

Credit Example in a sentence

Credit Example in a sentence:

Example Sentences for credit

During the Mexican war he had fought with credit under Scott.

Freet was very complimentary and told Jim he was a credit to his teacher.

The stability of credit becomes the watchword of high finance.

The story was doubtless received with differe at degrees of credit.

He served to the close of the war with credit to himself and usefulness to his country.

I did not give the other steamer the credit of making more than ten knots an hour.

It may be said to Lauries credit that he was entirely innocent of the crimes she attributed to him.

"That's one practical result of an hour's credit in gym-work," she laughed.

Ruth asked, and Bettina gave Charlotte the credit, though she in turn disclaimed any originality in the matter.

His letter of credit was for £10,000, and we did not want to leave it behind.

Credit History and Origin

History of: Credit

Word Origin & History

credit 1520s, from L. creditum "a loan, thing entrusted to another," from pp. of credere "to trust, entrust, believe." The commercial sense was the original one in English (creditor is mid-15c.). Meaning "honor, acknowledgment of merit," is from c.1600. Academic sense of "point for completing a course of study" is 1904. Movie/broadcasting sense is 1914. Related: Creditable (1520s); creditability (1886). Credit rating is from 1958; credit union is 1881, Amer.Eng.

Credit Synonyms

attention faith notice kudos acknowledgment commendation confidence merit reliance credence belief acclaim thanks praise distinction fame approval tribute glory honor brownie points pat on the back strokes points

Credit Definition

commendation or honor given for some action, quality, etc.:
Give credit where it is due.
a source of pride or honor:
You are a credit to your school.
the ascription or acknowledgment of something as due or properly attributable to a person, institution, etc.:
She got a screen credit for photography.
trustworthiness; credibility:
a witness of credit.
confidence in a purchaser's ability and intention to pay, displayed by entrusting the buyer with goods or services without immediate payment.
reputation of solvency and probity, entitling a person to be trusted in buying or borrowing:
Your credit is good.
influence or authority resulting from the confidence of others or from one's reputation.
time allowed for payment for goods or services obtained on trust:
90 days' credit.
repute; reputation; esteem.
a sum of money due to a person; anything valuable standing on the credit side of an account:
He has an outstanding credit of $50.
  1. official acceptance and recording of the work completed by a student in a particular course of study.
  2. a credit hour.
  1. an entry of payment or value received on an account.
  2. the right-hand side of an account on which such entries are made (opposed to debit).
  3. an entry, or the total shown, on the credit side.
any deposit or sum of money against which a person may draw.
verb (used with object)
to believe; put confidence in; trust; have faith in.
to bring honor, esteem, etc., to; reflect well upon.
Bookkeeping. to enter upon the credit side of an account; give credit for or to.
Education. to award educational credits to (often followed by with):
They credited me with three hours in history.
Verb phrases
credit to/with, to ascribe to a (thing, person, etc.):
In former times many herbs were credited with healing powers.
do someone credit, to be a source of honor or distinction for someone.
Also, do credit to someone.
on credit, by deferred payment:
Everything they have was bought on credit.
to one's credit, deserving of praise or recognition; admirable:
It is to his credit that he freely admitted his guilt.

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