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"Construction Meaning In Bengali"

Construction (noun) - নির্মান, রচনা,গঠন কৌশল

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Construction Meaning in Bengali. Construction শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ কি? English to Bangla online dictionary "Construction meaning in bengali". Google Translate "Construction".

"Construction Meaning"

Construction বাংলা অর্থ. What is the meaning of Construction in English? What does Construction mean? What is another word for Construction? Definition at online dictionary.

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Similar Words

Similar Words: const, constable, constablery, constables, constableship, constableships, constabless, constableville, constablewick, constablewicks,

Construction Example in a sentence

Construction Example in a sentence:

Example Sentences for construction

The construction in each city is begun with these ultimate requirements in view.

The construction then proceeds as before, until the desired height is reached.

From the point of view of construction, the story can hardly be regarded as a success.

He is a weak imitator of Bulwer, that is all, and he has not Bulwer's power of construction.

Italy: mail subsidies; construction and navigation bounties.

Here they found the last of the cairns, and the answer to their construction.

The springs used in the construction of the largest locomotives are big affairs and often weigh over 500 pounds.

The mechanism was simple, but the science of its construction and workings I could not comprehend.

The paving of the streets and environs was becoming a problem of national importance when the construction of the railway began.

The drawings of Fig. 51 show the method of construction clearly.

Construction History and Origin

History of: Construction

Word Origin & History

construction mid-15c., from L. constructionem, from pp. stem of construere "pile up together, build," from com- "together" + struere "to pile up" (see structure).

Construction Synonyms

development manufacture system planning plan structure figure shape invention elevation mold contour cut fabric turn edifice arrangement build type composition foundation assembly form format origination makeup figuration improvisation systematization formation disposition fabrication constitution conception outline cast architecture making rearing prefabrication erecting raising prefab erection fabricating putting up roadwork

Construction Definition

the act or art of constructing.
the way in which a thing is constructed:
a building of solid construction.
something that is constructed; a structure.
the occupation or industry of building:
He works in construction.
  1. the arrangement of two or more forms in a grammatical unit. Constructions involving bound forms are often called morphological, as the bound forms fif- and -teen. Those involving only free forms are often called syntactic, as the good man, in the house.
  2. a word or phrase consisting of two or more forms arranged in a particular way.
  3. a group of words or morphemes for which there is a rule in some part of the grammar.
explanation or interpretation, as of a law, a text, or an action.

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