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"Bang Meaning In Bengali"

Bang (verb/noun/adv) - আঘাত, ভারী বস্তু দ্বারা আঘাতের আয়োজন করা; প্রহার করা; ঠুং ঠুং শব্দ করা; আঘাত করা; ঘা দেত্তয়া; মারা; আঘাত খাত্তয়া; ঠক্ঠক্ করা; ঠক্ঠকান; ঘা দিয়ে ভাঙা; ঠুং ঠুং শব্দ হত্তয়া; ঘা মারা; ঠং আত্তয়াজ করা; ঠক্ঠক্ শব্দ করা; আঘাত লাগা; আঘাত পাত্তয়া; চোট লাগা; ঠু

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Bang Meaning in Bengali. Bang শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ কি? English to Bangla online dictionary "Bang meaning in bengali". Google Translate "Bang".

"Bang Meaning"

Bang বাংলা অর্থ. What is the meaning of Bang in English? What does Bang mean? What is another word for Bang? Definition at online dictionary.

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Similar Words

Similar Words: bang, bang away at, bang for buck, bang for the buck, bang heads, bang in to, bang into, bang on, bang out, bang up,

Bang Example in a sentence

Bang Example in a sentence:

Example Sentences for bang

We had almost finished when the snipers somewhere on our left began to bang at us.

And, with a clatter and a bang, she cast a pair of crutches on the floor at Billy's feet.

Then he strode out of the room, giving the door a bang behind him.

Now he was passing me—bang, and a flick of the wing, I had missed him; bang again.

Lysander brought his chair to the floor with a bang that made the loose boards of the porch rattle.

Suddenly the old man brought his fist down on the table with a bang.

Triffitt winked into his empty tankard and set it down with a bang.

Tom had had the boot, with a bang on the nose, for carrying letters to Lily.

The next instant I heard a bang on the ice and, swinging round, could see nothing of my companion but his head and arms.

Suddenly he turned to me, and brought his hand down on the table with a bang.

Bang History and Origin

History of: Bang

Word Origin & History

bang 1540s, "to strike hard with a loud blow," from O.N. banga "to pound, hammer" of echoic origin. Slang meaning "have sexual intercourse with" first recorded 1937. Bang-up "excellent, first-rate," 1820, probably shortened from phrase bang up to the mark."This is the way the world ends

Bang Synonyms

smack straight hard headlong precisely suddenly abruptly head on noisily

Bang Definition

a loud, sudden, explosive noise, as the discharge of a gun.
a resounding stroke or blow:
a nasty bang on the head.
Informal. a sudden movement or show of energy:
He started with a bang.
energy; vitality; spirit:
The bang has gone out of my work.
Informal. sudden or intense pleasure; thrill; excitement:
a big bang out of seeing movies.
Slang: Vulgar. sexual intercourse.
Printing and Computer Slang. an exclamation point.
verb (used with object)
to strike or beat resoundingly; pound:
to bang a door.
to hit or bump painfully:
to bang one's ankle on a chair leg.
to throw or set down roughly; slam:
He banged the plates on the table.
Slang: Vulgar. to have sexual intercourse with.
verb (used without object)
to strike violently or noisily:
to bang on the door.
to make a loud, sudden, explosive noise like that of a violent blow:
The guns banged all night.
Slang: Vulgar. to have sexual intercourse.
suddenly and loudly; abruptly or violently:
She fell bang against the wall.
directly; precisely; right:
He stood bang in the middle of the flower bed.
Verb phrases
bang into, to collide with; bump into:
The truck skidded on the ice and banged into a parked car.
bang up, to damage:
A passing car banged up our fender.
bang off, Chiefly British Slang. immediately; right away.
bang on, Chiefly British Slang. terrific; marvelous; just right:
That hat is absolutely bang on.

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