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"Armed Meaning In Bengali"

Armed (adj) - সশস্ত্র; অস্ত্রধারী;

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Armed Meaning in Bengali. Armed শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ কি? English to Bangla online dictionary "Armed meaning in bengali". Google Translate "Armed".

"Armed Meaning"

Armed বাংলা অর্থ. What is the meaning of Armed in English? What does Armed mean? What is another word for Armed? Definition at online dictionary.

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Similar Words

Similar Words: armed, armed aggression, armed band, armed bands, armed fighting, armed fightings, armed forces, armed hostilities, armed hostility, armed intervention,

Armed Example in a sentence

Armed Example in a sentence:

Example Sentences for armed

Adams armed himself with a cowhide, and watched for his victim.

They were armed with muskets, and commanded by native officers.

Or, since now I was armed, why could I not boldly start an assault?

Its feet are armed with thick, strong, conical claws, suitable for digging.

It was again restored on the dissolution of the armed neutrality.

None of the principal states were armed with their own proper forces.

None of these apparently were armed, whereas the Swazis all carried sticks.

These warriors were armed with bows and arrows, javelins, and war clubs.

Armed as they were with long knives and guns, some of them with stout spears, they could not be slaves.

It was to them a very unusual sound; for they were armed only with bows and arrows.

Armed History and Origin

History of: Armed

Word Origin & History

arm "body part," O.E. earm "arm," from P.Gmc. *armaz (cf. O.S., M.Du., Ger. arm, O.N. armr, O.Fris. erm), from PIE base *ar- "fit, join" (cf. Skt. irmah "arm," Armenian armukn "elbow," O.Prus. irmo "arm," Gk. arthron "a joint," L. armus "shoulder"). Arm of the sea was in O.E. Arm-twister "powerful persuader" is from 1938. Arm-wrestling is from 1971."They wenten arme in arme yfere Into the gardyn" [Chaucer]

Armed Synonyms

loaded outfitted supplied equipped packing accoutered steeled girded fitted out

Armed Definition

bearing firearms; having weapons:
a heavily armed patrol.
maintained by arms:
armed peace.
involving the use of weapons:
armed conflict.
The students came armed with their pocket calculators.
(especially of an animal) covered protectively, as by a shell.
fortified; made secure:
Armed by an inveterate optimism, he withstood despair.
(of an artillery shell, bomb, missile, etc.) having the fuze made operative.

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