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"Abandoned Town Meaning In Bengali"

Abandoned Town (adjective) - পরিত্যক্ত শহরে

Abandoned Town Definition Abandoned Town Synonym

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Abandoned Town Meaning in Bengali. Abandoned Town শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ কি? English to Bangla online dictionary "Abandoned Town meaning in bengali". Google Translate "Abandoned Town".

"Abandoned Town Meaning"

Abandoned Town বাংলা অর্থ. What is the meaning of Abandoned Town in English? What does Abandoned Town mean? What is another word for Abandoned Town? Definition at online dictionary.

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Similar Words: aband, abandon, abandon ship, abandoned, abandoned town, abandoned towns, abandonedly, abandonee, abandonees, abandoner,

Abandoned Town Example in a sentence

Abandoned Town Example in a sentence:

Abandoned Town History and Origin

History of: Abandoned Town

Abandoned Town Synonyms

discarded forgotten neglected forsaken rejected deserted dropped dissipated jilted empty left alone godforsaken outcast unoccupied vacant shunned dumped relinquished vacated sidelined eliminated cast aside cast away eighty-sixed given up left in the cold left in the lurch on the rocks passed up pigeon-holed side-tracked

Abandoned Town Definition

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