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"Industrious Meaning In Bengali"

Industrious (adj) - প্ররিশ্রমী; অধ্যবসায়ী

Industrious Definition Industrious Synonym

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Industrious Meaning in Bengali. Industrious শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ কি? English to Bangla online dictionary. Get the exact "Industrious meaning in bengali". Google Translate "Industrious".

"Industrious Meaning"

Industrious বাংলা অর্থ. What is the meaning of Industrious in English? What Industrious means? How do you use the word Industrious? What is another word for Industrious? What is the opposite of Industrious?

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Industrious Meaning in Bangla Academy Dictionary


Similar Words

Similar Words: Indus, indusia, indusial, indusiate, indusiated, indusiform, indusioid, indusium, industrial, industrial action,

Industrious Example in a sentence

Industrious Example in a sentence:

Example Sentences for industrious

Your appearance, too, shows that you have been industrious and economical, all of which pleases me very much.

Faith I am as poor as a chymist, and would be as industrious.

The peasant woman is industrious, engaged in some useful employment about the house or in the field.

The Albanians are "enterprising and industrious," says Miss Durham.

Don Saturnino was a silent young man with a violent disposition, even cruel at times, yet he was energetic and industrious.

But of all these industrious compilers one only, Bardsley, can be taken seriously.

Those heaps had been gathered together by the industrious peasants to make room for a scanty herbage for their cattle.

I knew just such another, once: a sweet, industrious, sensible girl.

But you would need an accommodating fool to make your fires, and an industrious philosopher to keep them burning.

The women are industrious, and consequently do most of the work.

Industrious History and Origin

History of: Industrious

Word Origin & History

industrious "characterized by energy, effort, and attention," 1550s, from Fr. industrieux, from L. industriosus, from industria (see industry). Retains the etymological sense.

Industrious Synonyms

productive energetic diligent conscientious active assiduous burning busy dynamic eager grind intent involved jumping laborious operose perky persevering persistent purposeful sedulous spirited steady tireless zealous ball of fire in full swing on the go plugging psyched up on

Industrious Definition

working energetically and devotedly; hard-working; diligent:
an industrious person.
Obsolete. skillful.

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