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"Follower Meaning In Bengali"

Follower (noun) - সমর্থনকারী; অনুচর; শিষ্য

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Follower Meaning in Bengali. Follower শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ কি? English to Bangla online dictionary. Get the exact "Follower meaning in bengali". Google Translate "Follower".

"Follower Meaning"

Follower বাংলা অর্থ. What is the meaning of Follower in English? What Follower means? How do you use the word Follower? What is another word for Follower? What is the opposite of Follower?

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Similar Words: follow, follow a scent, follow after, follow beaten path, follow book, follow closely, follow crowd, follow example, follow example of, follow footsteps,

Follower Example in a sentence

Follower Example in a sentence:

Example Sentences for follower

You saw the image of a follower, and that you may have loved, but me you never saw.

I got along about as far as that with him, when I ceased to be a follower of M. Lisfranc.

This occurring for the third time, his follower fell on the cook and beat him.

It is more single-minded, perhaps, than that of a follower of any other calling.

But Edward had a follower called the Earl of Warwick, a very powerful man.

It needed only to show Hus was a follower of Wiclif, and he would be burned also.

Her follower was still in slave garb, but now for the first time he revealed his full stature.

He snatched off the plumed hat, and tossed it carelessly to his follower.

He came alone, without squire or follower, and promised to be an easy prey to the trio of stout woodsmen.

I should be sorry to have to shoot so distinguished a follower of Hanoverian George.

Follower History and Origin

History of: Follower

Word Origin & History

follower O.E. folgere retainer, servant, discipline; see follow. Related: Followers.

Follower Synonyms

devotee adherent participant patron advocate believer disciple member client fan backer admirer worshiper supporter freak stooge helper minion sectary toady cohort copycat apostle partisan zealot imitator buff satellite vassal companion votary addict attendant convert lackey servant sidekick promoter parasite sycophant proselyte pupil fancier hanger-on representative habitué protégé bootlicker

Follower Definition

a person or thing that follows.
a person who follows another in regard to his or her ideas or belief; disciple or adherent.
a person who imitates, copies, or takes as a model or ideal:
He was little more than a follower of current modes.
an attendant, servant, or retainer.
a person who follows or subscribes to another's posts on a social-media website:
He spent hours figuring out how to get more followers on Twitter.
British Informal. a boyfriend or suitor, especially of a maidservant.
Machinery. a part receiving motion from or following the movements of another part, especially a cam.
Engineering, Building Trades. a concrete form attached to the head of a timber pile to permit casting of a concrete cap or pier.

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