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"Console Meaning In Bengali"

Console (noun) - সান্তনা দেওয়া

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Console Meaning in Bengali. Console শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ কি? English to Bangla online dictionary. Get the exact "Console meaning in bengali". Google Translate "Console".

"Console Meaning"

Console বাংলা অর্থ. What is the meaning of Console in English? What Console means? How do you use the word Console? What is another word for Console? What is the opposite of Console?

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Similar Words

Similar Words: consociate, consociated, consociates, consociating, consociation, consociational, consociationism, consociations, consociative, consocies,

Console Example in a sentence

Console Example in a sentence:

Example Sentences for console

The King endeavoured to console her, but it was not a matter where consolation could avail.

Come; well rest under the trees and console ourselves with chess.

He could not console her with a kiss and a caress, and a bonbon, of course.

Desmond was very unhappy, though Tom and Archie did their best to console him.

As long as our one cavalier has been lured away from us by Delia we might as well try to console one another, laughed Marjorie.

My dear Joan, in the name of Heaven, explain first, and then console!

Believe me the mother's as good as the daughter; recollection is often better than hope; console yourself with Lucrezia.

Emma cried, and he tried to console her, adorning his protestations with puns.

My dear, you must console yourself with the thought that she'll probably frizzle for it hereafter.

I will keep my follies to console you after you have lost your daughter.

Console History and Origin

History of: Console

Word Origin & History

console 1690s, from Fr. consoler, from L. consolari "offer solace," from com- intensive prefix + solari "to comfort" (see solace). The Latin word is glossed in O.E. by frefran.

Console Synonyms

soothe assuage solace encourage upraise cheer lift calm inspirit gladden animate tranquilize buck up condole with express sympathy untrouble

Console Definition

verb (used with object), consoled, consoling.
to alleviate or lessen the grief, sorrow, or disappointment of; give solace or comfort:
Only his children could console him when his wife died.

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