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"Alpha Centauri Meaning In Bengali"

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Alpha Centauri Meaning in Bengali. Alpha Centauri শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ কি? English to Bangla online dictionary "Alpha Centauri meaning in bengali". Google Translate "Alpha Centauri".

"Alpha Centauri Meaning"

Alpha Centauri বাংলা অর্থ. What is the meaning of Alpha Centauri in English? What does Alpha Centauri mean? What is another word for Alpha Centauri? Definition at online dictionary.

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Alpha Centauri Example in a sentence

Alpha Centauri Example in a sentence:

Alpha Centauri History and Origin

History of: Alpha Centauri

Alpha Centauri Synonyms

Alpha Centauri Definition

the first letter of the Greek alphabet (A, α).
the vowel sound represented by this letter.
the first; beginning.
(initial capital letter) Astronomy. used to designate the brightest star in a constellation.
Chemistry. one of two or more isomeric compounds.
the first in a series of related items: frequently used in chemistry and physics.
Chiefly British. a mark or grade corresponding to an A.
Compare beta (def 8), gamma (def 9).
  1. (of an animal) having the highest rank in a dominance hierarchy:
    the alpha female of an elephant pack.
  2. being the most dominant, powerful, or assertive person in a particular group.
See also alpha male.
Put the files in alpha order.
Chemistry. pertaining or linked to the carbon atom closest to a particular group in an organic molecule.

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