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"Turtle Definition"

What is the Definition of Turtle in English? What does Turtle mean? How do you use the word Turtle? What is another word for Turtle? Definition with meaning of Turtle.

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"What does Turtle Mean in English"

Turtle Meaning in English. "Turtle Definition" with an example in online dictionary. Turtle Meaning in Bengali.

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Definition of Turtle

noun, plural turtles (especially collectively) turtle.
any reptile of the order Testudines, comprising aquatic and terrestrial species having the trunk enclosed in a shell consisting of a dorsal carapace and a ventral plastron.
(not used technically) an aquatic turtle as distinguished from a terrestrial one.
Compare tortoise (def 1).
verb (used without object), turtled, turtling.
to catch turtles, especially as a business.
turn turtle,
  1. Nautical. to capsize or turn over completely in foundering.
  2. to overturn; upset:
    Several of the cars turned turtle in the course of the race.

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