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"Statement Definition"

What is the Definition of Statement in English? What does Statement mean? How do you use the word Statement? What is another word for Statement? Definition with meaning of Statement.

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"What does Statement Mean in English"

Statement Meaning in English. "Statement Definition" with an example in online dictionary. Statement Meaning in Bengali.

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Definition of Statement

something stated.
a communication or declaration in speech or writing, setting forth facts, particulars, etc.
a single sentence or assertion:
I agree with everything you said except for your last statement.
Commerce. an abstract of an account, as one rendered to show the balance due.
an appearance of a theme, subject, or motif within a musical composition.
the act or manner of stating something.
the communication of an idea, position, mood, or the like through something other than words:
The furniture in the room makes a statement about the occupant's love of color. Walking out of the meeting will be a statement of our refusal to submit.
Computers. an instruction or other elementary component in a high-level programming language.

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