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"Oblige Definition"

What is the Definition of Oblige in English? What does Oblige mean? How do you use the word Oblige? What is another word for Oblige? Definition with meaning of Oblige.

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"What does Oblige Mean in English"

Oblige Meaning in English. "Oblige Definition" with an example in online dictionary. Oblige Meaning in Bengali.

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Definition of Oblige

verb (used with object), obliged, obliging.
to require or constrain, as by law, command, conscience, or force of necessity.
to bind morally or legally, as by a promise or contract.
to place under a debt of gratitude for some benefit, favor, or service:
I'm much obliged for the ride.
to put (one) in a debt of gratitude, as by a favor or accommodation:
Mr. Weems will oblige us with a song.
to make (an action, policy, etc.) necessary or obligatory:
Your carelessness obliges firmness on my part.
verb (used without object), obliged, obliging.
to be kindly accommodating:
I'll do anything within reason to oblige.

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