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"Lexicon Definition"

What is the Definition of Lexicon in English? What does Lexicon mean? How do you use the word Lexicon? What is another word for Lexicon? Definition with meaning of Lexicon.

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"What does Lexicon Mean in English"

Lexicon Meaning in English. "Lexicon Definition" with an example in online dictionary. Lexicon Meaning in Bengali.

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Definition of Lexicon

noun, plural lexica
[lek-si-kuh] /ˈlɛk sɪ kə/ (Show IPA),
a wordbook or dictionary, especially of Greek, Latin, or Hebrew.
the vocabulary of a particular language, field, social class, person, etc.
inventory or record:
unparalleled in the lexicon of human relations.
  1. the total inventory of morphemes in a given language.
  2. the inventory of base morphemes plus their combinations with derivational morphemes.

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