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"Immigration Definition"

What is the Definition of Immigration in English? What does Immigration mean? How do you use the word Immigration? What is another word for Immigration? Definition with meaning of Immigration.

Immigration Meaning in Bengali Immigration Synonym

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"Immigration Meaning in English"

Immigration Meaning in English. "Immigration Definition" in online dictionary. Immigration Meaning in Bengali.

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Definition of Immigration

the act of immigrating.
a group or number of immigrants.

Immigration Example in a sentance

Example Sentences for immigration

It acts upon residence as well as immigration, and its provisions are effective throughout the United States.

You left your immigration problems to sentimentalists and money-makers.

The requirements of the immigration authorities are easily met by various simple subterfuges.

But the stream of immigration to the land was widening, flowing steadily on.

Only recently have the economic results of immigration begun to receive the attention which their importance deserves.

After the war a steady stream of immigration poured into Canada.

This law, however, did not allay the demand for a more stringent restriction of immigration.

The immigration of free Negroes into the State, however, was prohibited in 1834.

It must not be supposed that immigration to Virginia in the Seventeenth century was restricted to indentured servants.

Our young Manxman is already feeling the English immigration on his character.

History of Immigration

Word Origin & History

immigration 1650s, from immigrate. As short for "immigration authorities," from 1966.

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