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"Immigrate Definition"

What is the Definition of Immigrate in English? What does Immigrate mean? How do you use the word Immigrate? What is another word for Immigrate? Definition with meaning of Immigrate.

Immigrate Meaning in Bengali Immigrate Synonym

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"Immigrate Meaning in English"

Immigrate Meaning in English. "Immigrate Definition" in online dictionary. Immigrate Meaning in Bengali.

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Definition of Immigrate

verb (used without object), immigrated, immigrating.
to come to a country of which one is not a native, usually for permanent residence.
to pass or come into a new habitat or place, as an organism.
verb (used with object), immigrated, immigrating.
to introduce as settlers:
to immigrate cheap labor.

Immigrate Example in a sentance

Example Sentences for immigrate

Sure I'm at the jumpin'-off place now, and to immigrate furder would be to put meself in the hands of the murtherin' redskins.

Do you object that the poor will be the only ones to immigrate to Palestine?

Spaniards did not immigrate to any considerable extent, and negro slavery flourished on the seacoast.

Is it for these things I give up wife, and patrie, and immigrate myself out of dear France?

The real Portuguese immigrate in families and show very little money on landing.

If island formed continent, some species would emerge and immigrate.

I should not want "the flower" of other nations to immigrate to our shores.

The wretched survivors, who are there set at liberty, are immediately seduced to "immigrate" to the West Indies.

The desire to immigrate, stimulated by the transportation companies, spread like a fever.

History of Immigrate

Word Origin & History

immigrate 1620s, from L. immigratum, pp. of imigrare "to remove, go into, move in," from in- "in" + migrare "to move" (see migration).

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