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"Immigrant Definition"

What is the Definition of Immigrant in English? What does Immigrant mean? How do you use the word Immigrant? What is another word for Immigrant? Definition with meaning of Immigrant.

Immigrant Meaning in Bengali Immigrant Synonym

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"Immigrant Meaning in English"

Immigrant Meaning in English. "Immigrant Definition" in online dictionary. Immigrant Meaning in Bengali.

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Definition of Immigrant

a person who migrates to another country, usually for permanent residence.
an organism found in a new habitat.
of or relating to immigrants and immigration:
a department for immigrant affairs.

Immigrant Example in a sentance

Example Sentences for immigrant

In development and conditions they rank with the immigrant from northwestern Europe.

Federal regulation has been increased with reference to all immigrant traffic.

Thus has the immigrant proved himself worthy to participate with our native sons in the homestead privilege.

Sometimes they were written by an immigrant, a bona-fide worker.

To have been an immigrant from the Missouri to the Columbia was an experience to which nothing else on earth is comparable.

He was a curious fellow, this guardian, an Alsatian immigrant, he informed me.

I am not speaking as an immigrant making an appeal for the immigrants.

It is charged against this Italian immigrant that he is dirty, and the charge is true.

There is no work so hard or so dangerous that the immigrant will not attempt it.

The object of the immigrant is, always, the betterment of his condition.

History of Immigrant

Word Origin & History

immigrant "one who immigrates," 1792, in an Amer.Eng. context, from L. immigrantem, prp. of immigrare (see immigrate). Emigrant is older.

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