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"Handsome Definition"

What is the Definition of Handsome in English? What does Handsome mean? How do you use the word Handsome? What is another word for Handsome? Definition with meaning of Handsome.

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"What does Handsome Mean in English"

Handsome Meaning in English. "Handsome Definition" with an example in online dictionary. Handsome Meaning in Bengali.

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Definition of Handsome

adjective, handsomer, handsomest.
having an attractive, well-proportioned, and imposing appearance suggestive of health and strength; good-looking:
a handsome man; a handsome woman.
having pleasing proportions, relationships, or arrangements, as of shapes, forms, or colors; attractive:
a handsome house; a handsome interior.
exhibiting skill, taste, and refinement; well-made:
a handsome story; handsome furniture.
considerable, ample, or liberal in amount:
a handsome fortune.
gracious; generous; flattering:
a handsome compliment; a handsome recommendation.
adroit and appealing; graceful:
a handsome speech.

Handsome Example in a sentance

Example Sentences for handsome

You have done the handsome thing by me, and I don't mind telling you all about it.

Among them is the curious and handsome pirarara, or parrot-fish.

He is a handsome youth of twenty-eight, very correct in manner.

She was tall and stout, and must have been handsome in her youth.

It's hard to say for which of you she desires most to do the handsome thing.

In fact, so handsome is his fur that he has been hunted for it until now.

Frances asked, seeing a resemblance to the handsome face beside her.

Mrs. Grandon is looking her best, a handsome, middle-aged woman.

I shouldn't have thought a city all gray like that, could be so handsome.

He has the head of some grand lion; he is as generous as he is handsome, but very sad.

History of Handsome

Word Origin & History

handsome c.1400, handsom "easy to handle, ready at hand," from hand (n.) + -some. Sense extended to "fair size, considerable" (1577), then "having fine form, good-looking" (1590). Meaning "generous" (in handsome reward, etc.) first recorded 1690.

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