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"Growing Up Definition"

What is the Definition of Growing Up in English? What does Growing Up mean? How do you use the word Growing Up? What is another word for Growing Up? Definition with meaning of Growing Up.

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"What does Growing Up Mean in English"

Growing Up Meaning in English. "Growing Up Definition" with an example in online dictionary. Growing Up Meaning in Bengali.

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Definition of Growing Up

becoming greater in quantity, size, extent, or intensity:
growing discontent among industrial workers.
having or showing life.

Growing Up Example in a sentance

Example Sentences for growing

The handling of forests is a business just as the growing of corn is a business.

There was growing within him an overwhelming desire to protest.

It has supported us ever since, for Rice traded with it, and kept it growing, good fellow.

He has been growing worse lately and any excitement is dreadful for him.

"I was afraid you might be growing impatient," she confessed.

I have been treated with great and growing rudeness for some days.

It is the tuberose of our gardens, but growing with great vigour and luxuriance.

There were no growing things there, not even trees with berries.

He sat in the growing twilight and cursed himself for a fool.

There seemed to be in that province some wider, some growing dissatisfaction.

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