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"Fumigation Definition"

What is the Definition of Fumigation in English? What does Fumigation mean? How do you use the word Fumigation? What is another word for Fumigation? Definition with meaning of Fumigation.

Fumigation Meaning in Bengali Fumigation Synonym

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"What does Fumigation Mean in English"

Fumigation Meaning in English. "Fumigation Definition" with an example in online dictionary. Fumigation Meaning in Bengali.

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Definition of Fumigation

verb (used with object), fumigated, fumigating.
to expose to smoke or fumes, as in disinfecting or exterminating roaches, ants, etc.

Fumigation Example in a sentance

Example Sentences for fumigation

His unhosed feet protruded from the window, probably with a view to fumigation by the salt sea breeze.

Things that are only shown twice in the year or so, with fumigation!

They may be destroyed by a fumigation of tobacco, in the same manner as the green fly.

It may be necessary to resort to fumigation, but this should be done by an expert.

There were weeds and grass, still warm and smouldering, the débris of what had been set on fire for their fumigation.

The method most generally adopted for their destruction is fumigation with tobacco.

Generally speaking, the best remedy is fumigation with tobacco.

His chest was weak, and the doctors ordered that sort of fumigation.

He was accompanied by a physician, who was to direct the fumigation.

As a fumigation in spasmodic asthma; in solution as an embrocation; and in powder as a substitute for gum guaiacum.

History of Fumigation

Word Origin & History

fumigation late 14c., "make aromatic smoke as part of a ceremony," from O.Fr. fumigation, from L. fumigationem (nom. fumigatio), from fumigare "to smoke," from fumus "smoke, fume" + root of agere "to drive" (see act). Sense of "expose (someone or something) to aromatic fumes" is c.1400, originally as a medicinal or therapeutic treatment.

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