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"Feet Definition"

What is the Definition of Feet in English? What does Feet mean? How do you use the word Feet? What is another word for Feet? Definition with meaning of Feet.

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"What does Feet Mean in English"

Feet Meaning in English. "Feet Definition" with an example in online dictionary. Feet Meaning in Bengali.

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Definition of Feet

a plural of foot.
drag one's feet, to act or proceed slowly or without enthusiasm; to be reluctant to act, comply, etc.:
We can't begin the project until the steering committee stops dragging its feet.
land / fall on one's feet, to be lucky or successful, especially after difficulties:
He's had some rough times but has finally landed on his feet.
on one's feet,
  1. in a standing position.
  2. in an independent or secure position:
    The loan helped him get on his feet again.
  3. in a restored or recovered state; able to continue:
    Psychotherapy helped her get back on her feet after her breakdown.
sit at the feet of, to attend upon as a disciple or follower:
American writers and painters no longer sit at the feet of Europeans.
stand on one's own feet,
  1. to be financially self-supporting.
  2. to be independent:
    Overprotective parents do not prepare their children to stand on their own feet.
Also, stand on one's own two feet.
sweep one off one's feet, to impress or overwhelm by ability, enthusiasm, or charm:
The gaiety of the occasion swept them off their feet.

Feet Example in a sentance

Example Sentences for feet

"Right's the word, ould Nebucannezzar," he cried, and heaved up to his feet.

She clasped and unclasped her fingers, then she sprang to her feet.

The blood, which was running down his leg, made a little pool at his feet.

Jim swung his long legs off the couch and lifted Pen to her feet.

Wide-eyed, he got lightly to his feet and started for the trap.

The men jumped to their feet and Uncle Denny hurried to take her bag.

Cryptotetramera: feet 4-jointed, one of them small and concealed.

The officer rose to his feet just then, as if to close the painful discussion.

Two feet long the piece was, and larger than a strong man's leg.

He dropped his oars and sprang to his feet, facing his enemies.

History of Feet

Word Origin & History

feet plural of foot (q.v.).

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