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"Faucet Definition"

What is the Definition of Faucet in English? What does Faucet mean? How do you use the word Faucet? What is another word for Faucet? What is the opposite of Faucet?

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"Faucet Meaning in English"

Faucet Meaning in English. English to Bangla online dictionary. "Faucet Definition" in online dictionary.

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Definition of Faucet

any device for controlling the flow of liquid from a pipe or the like by opening or closing an orifice; tap; cock.

Faucet Example in a sentance

Example Sentences for faucet

In this tube the coals were placed, and when the water in the urn was hot, it could be drawn off by means of a faucet at the side.

The drip-drip of water from the faucet sounded loud in the quiet.

Giving the pitcher to Van Landing, she told him to fill it and pointed to a faucet in the hall.

She watched with interest the water run steaming from the faucet.

Light heater and turn on faucet so that the water will flow into the tub as quickly as it is heated in the tank.

The rhythmic dripping of a faucet is audible through the flat.

Under no circumstances touch the wire from the faucet to the binding posts of the fuse gap.

The water comes through a pipe, and is turned on by a faucet.

Fasten one end to the faucet of a water-pipe (one in a set bowl preferred) by a very short piece of rubber tube.

The flow of the faucet is determined by the fullness of the reservoir.

History of Faucet

Word Origin & History

faucet c.1400, from O.Fr. fausset "stopper," perhaps dim. of L. faux, fauc- "throat." Spigot and faucet was the name of an old type of tap for a barrel or cask, consisting of a hollow, tapering tube, which was driven at the narrow end into a barrel, and a screw into the tube which regulated the flow of the liquid. Properly, it seems, the spigot was the tube, the faucet the screw, but the senses have merged or reversed over time. Faucet is now the common word in Amer.Eng. for the whole apparatus.

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