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"Exemplar Definition"

What is the Definition of Exemplar in English? What does Exemplar mean? How do you use the word Exemplar? What is another word for Exemplar? Definition with meaning of Exemplar.

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"What does Exemplar Mean in English"

Exemplar Meaning in English. "Exemplar Definition" with an example in online dictionary. Exemplar Meaning in Bengali.

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Definition of Exemplar

a model or pattern to be copied or imitated:
Washington is the exemplar of patriotic virtue.
a typical example or instance.
an original or archetype:
Plato thought nature but a copy of ideal exemplars.
a copy of a book or text.

Exemplar Example in a sentance

Example Sentences for exemplar

It was the centre, not of government alone, but of the fine arts: the exemplar of culture and civilization.

No mention now of the Eurasian exemplar, the synthetic "over-man."

He was the exemplar of proper rest even as he was the exemplar of proper work.

The term Imm then becomes equal to the word leader or exemplar.

Secondly, nor could it give the true resemblance of its original and exemplar, if it were not the one only begotten thing.

When he might have been an exemplar there was no one who dared to follow him.

Man required an exemplar for every stage of his existence up to the perfection of his frame.

Few resisted, but the spirit of Belgium was to find at least one exemplar.

It might be truthfully said of her, that she was an exemplar for all who knew her.

Socrates became for him the pattern and exemplar of the true philosopher.

History of Exemplar

Word Origin & History

exemplar late 14c., "original model of the universe in the mind of God," later (mid-15c.) "model of virtue," from O.Fr. exemplaire and directly from L.L. exemplarium, from L. exemplum (see example).

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