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"Elements Definition"

What is the Definition of Elements in English? What does Elements mean? How do you use the word Elements? What is another word for Elements? Definition with meaning of Elements.

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"What does Elements Mean in English"

Elements Meaning in English. "Elements Definition" with an example in online dictionary. Elements Meaning in Bengali.

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Definition of Elements

a component or constituent of a whole or one of the parts into which a whole may be resolved by analysis:
Bricks and mortar are elements of every masonry wall.
Chemistry. one of a class of substances that cannot be separated into simpler substances by chemical means. See also chart under periodic table.
a natural habitat, sphere of activity, environment, etc.:
to be in one's element; Water is the element of fish.
  1. atmospheric agencies or forces; weather:
    a ruddy complexion from exposure to the elements.
  2. the rudimentary principles of an art, science, etc.:
    the elements of grammar.
  3. the bread and wine of the Eucharistic service.
any group of people singled out within a larger group by identifiable behavior patterns, common interests, ethnic similarities, etc.:
He worried that the protest rally would attract the radical element.
one of the substances, usually earth, water, air, and fire, formerly regarded as constituting the material universe.
  1. an infinitesimal part of a given quantity, similar in nature to it.
  2. an entity that satisfies all the conditions of belonging to a given set.
Geometry. one of the points, lines, planes, or other geometrical forms, of which a figure is composed.
Astronomy. any of the data required to define the precise nature of an orbit and to determine the position of a planet in the orbit at any given time.
Electricity. an electric device with terminals for connection to other electrical devices.
Radio. one of the electrodes in a vacuum tube.
Astrology. any of the four triplicity groupings of signs: fire, earth, air, or water.
Optics. any of the lenses or other components constituting an optical system.
Grammar. any word, part of a word, or group of words that recurs in various contexts in a language with relatively constant meaning.
Digital Technology. the start and end tags in an electronic document or Web page, along with the text or other content between these tags.
See also tag1 (def 9b).

Elements Example in a sentance

Example Sentences for elements

The second part treats of the Elements and Principles (see §§ 17 and 19).

But all subsists by elemental strife; And passions are the elements of life.

What in his system corresponds most nearly to the modern view of these elements is the division of kinds of real predication.

The elements of deceit which throw the risk of his conduct upon a party are these.

There seemed at first glance only the elements of joyousness and gayety in the surroundings at the Pitkin farm.

Prosperity and freedom from care are the elements on which he thrives serenely.

The several categories of elements observable in such a nest deserve a careful description.

They were all practical chemists, and their work was the preparation of food from the elements.

Sometimes the supremacy was given to Pan, who was esteemed Lord of all the elements.

She may some day discover how to produce vegetables from the elements.

History of Elements

Word Origin & History

element c.1300, "earth, air, fire, water," from O.Fr. element, from L. elementem "rudiment, first principle, matter in its most basic form," origin unknown (translated Gk. stoikheion). Modern chemical sense is 1813. Elements "atmospheric force" is 1550s.

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