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"Cloudy Definition"

What is the Definition of Cloudy in English? What does Cloudy mean? How do you use the word Cloudy? What is another word for Cloudy? What is the opposite of Cloudy?

Cloudy Meaning in Bengali Cloudy Synonym

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"Cloudy Meaning in English"

Cloudy Meaning in English. English to Bangla online dictionary. "Cloudy Definition" in online dictionary.

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Definition of Cloudy

adjective, cloudier, cloudiest.
full of or overcast by clouds:
a cloudy sky.
having little or no sunshine:
a cloudy but rainless day.
of or like a cloud or clouds; pertaining to clouds.
having cloudlike markings:
cloudy marble.
not clear or transparent:
He could not see through the cloudy liquid.
obscure; indistinct.
darkened by gloom, trouble, etc.
under suspicion, disgrace, etc.:
a gambler with a cloudy reputation.

Cloudy Example in a sentance

Example Sentences for cloudy

It was a cloudy morning, and somewhat chill in those high places.

The air was so moist and cloudy that the sun's rays had hard work to get through.

Much the same weather as Yesterday the first part, the remainder mostly Calm and cloudy weather.

This takes place generally on a damp, close evening or cloudy morning.

Their color is cloudy gray or grayish red, with white bands of connective tissue radiating from the center.

The sky was cloudy, and as there was no moon it was very dark.

The day was warm and cloudy, with an oily smell on the water.

It was all nebulous and cloudy; a contingency to be shaped by circumstances as they might develop.

Do not leave them exposed to the air for an hour, not even in a cloudy day.

To add to his misfortunes there was no moonlight, the night was cloudy.

History of Cloudy

Word Origin & History

cloudy O.E. cludig "rocky, full of cliffs;" see cloud. Meaning "of the nature of clouds" is recorded from c.1300; meaning "full of clouds" is late 14c.; that of "not clear" is from 1580s. Fig. sense of "gloomy" is late 14c.

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