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"Cleavage Definition"

What is the Definition of Cleavage in English? What does Cleavage mean? How do you use the word Cleavage? What is another word for Cleavage? Definition with meaning of Cleavage.

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"What does Cleavage Mean in English"

Cleavage Meaning in English. "Cleavage Definition" with an example in online dictionary. Cleavage Meaning in Bengali.

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Definition of Cleavage

the act of cleaving or splitting.
the state of being cleft.
the area between a woman's breasts, especially when revealed by a low-cut neckline.
a critical division in opinion, beliefs, interests, etc., as leading to opposition between two groups:
a growing cleavage between the Conservative and Liberal wings of the party.
the tendency of crystals, certain minerals, rocks, etc., to break in preferred directions so as to yield more or less smooth surfaces (cleavage planes)
Embryology. the total or partial division of the egg into smaller cells or blastomeres.
Also called scission. Chemistry. the breaking down of a molecule or compound into simpler structures.

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