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"Carnivorous Definition"

What is the Definition of Carnivorous in English? What does Carnivorous mean? How do you use the word Carnivorous? What is another word for Carnivorous? Definition with meaning of Carnivorous.

Carnivorous Meaning in Bengali Carnivorous Synonym

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"What does Carnivorous Mean in English"

Carnivorous Meaning in English. "Carnivorous Definition" with an example in online dictionary. Carnivorous Meaning in Bengali.

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Definition of Carnivorous

A dog is a carnivorous animal.
of the carnivores.

Carnivorous Example in a sentance

Example Sentences for carnivorous

But it would not do to let the carnivorous brutes destroy their oxen,—that would not do.

With the deer, of course, such is not the case, as they are not carnivorous.

She hadn't even the one redeeming virtue of most carnivorous or predatory races—an insensate and almost automatic courage.

They are not carnivorous and therefore must be fed from the labors of man.

There were also in the Coal-period insects allied to the Locusts and to the Mantids, a carnivorous group.

The carnivorous Tortoises have a similar habit, as we shall presently see.

Carnivorous, desmognathous, nidicolous, without functional caeca.

None of the carp family are carnivorous in any great degree.

Here was one place where no carnivorous beetles roamed and where no spiders lurked.

The only British representative of a large family of carnivorous molluscs.

History of Carnivorous

Word Origin & History

carnivorous 1646, from L. carnivorus "flesh-eating," from caro "flesh" + vorare "to devour" (see voracious).

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