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"Bananas Definition"

What is the Definition of Bananas in English? What does Bananas mean? How do you use the word Bananas? What is another word for Bananas? Definition with meaning of Bananas.

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"What does Bananas Mean in English"

Bananas Meaning in English. "Bananas Definition" with an example in online dictionary. Bananas Meaning in Bengali.

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Definition of Bananas

adjective, Slang.
crazy; deranged:
All that chatter is driving me bananas.
wildly enthusiastic:
The crowd went bananas when the music began.

Bananas Example in a sentance

Example Sentences for bananas

Bananas had been ashore, drinking some native spirit, and he was drunk.

I once knew a little boy in Brazil who was very, very fond of bananas.

There were bananas, and, as Jefferson recognised, lime trees in between.

And some apples and oranges, and bananas and cherries and grapes.

Cut the bananas in halves crosswise and roll in the chopped nuts until well coated.

There was a bunch of bananas this time, a delicacy they had received but once before.

Put a spoonful of the hot oatmeal over the bananas in the serving dishes.

If there is a horse, and it eats your bananas and sugar-cane, why don't you shoot it?'

The turtles they sold for two dollars each, and the bananas at ten cents a bunch.

For, as you see, he got the bananas and yet escaped from that trap!

History of Bananas

Word Origin & History

bananas "crazy," 1968; earlier (1935) it was noted as an underworld slang term for "sexually perverted."

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