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"Rudiments Definition"

What is the Definition of Rudiments in English? What does Rudiments mean? How do you use the word Rudiments? What is another word for Rudiments? Definition with meaning of Rudiments.

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"What does Rudiments Mean in English"

Rudiments Meaning in English. "Rudiments Definition" with an example in online dictionary. Rudiments Meaning in Bengali.

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Definition of Rudiments

Usually, rudiments.
  1. the elements or first principles of a subject:
    the rudiments of grammar.
  2. a mere beginning, first slight appearance, or undeveloped or imperfect form of something:
    the rudiments of a plan.
Biology. an organ or part incompletely developed in size or structure, as one in an embryonic stage, one arrested in growth, or one with no functional activity, as a vestige.

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