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What is the Definition of Earlier in English? What does Earlier mean? How do you use the word Earlier? What is another word for Earlier? Definition with meaning of Earlier.

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Earlier Meaning in English. "Earlier Definition" with an example in online dictionary. Earlier Meaning in Bengali.

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Definition of Earlier

adverb, earlier, earliest.
in or during the first part of a period of time, a course of action, a series of events, etc.:
early in the year.
in the early part of the morning:
to get up early.
before the usual or appointed time; ahead of time:
They came early and found their hosts still dressing.
far back in time:
The Greeks early learned to sail and navigate.
adjective, earlier, earliest.
occurring in the first part of a period of time, a course of action, a series of events, etc.:
an early hour of the day.
occurring before the usual or appointed time:
an early dinner.
belonging to a period far back in time:
early French architecture.
occurring in the near future:
I look forward to an early reply.
(of a fruit or vegetable) appearing or maturing before most others of its type:
early apples.
noun, plural earlies.
a fruit or vegetable that appears before most others of its type.
early on, with but little time elapsed; early in the course of a process, project, etc.; early in the game.

Earlier Example in a sentance

Example Sentences for earlier

The sight of the young artist's note recalled her earlier subject.

His earlier life had schooled him in a wonderful self-control.

It will be seen that in this act we have lost all connection with the earlier drama.

We find no earlier reference to the book under its present name.

What you earlier described as the chamber being an enclosed chamber, is that it?

We find the meaning of the word "Stake" in some of Smith's earlier "revelations."

In the earlier acts he was so well made up, and so light and active, that he really looked sufficiently young.

In this, as in the earlier case, the issue was taken on the assumpsit.

If only it had been earlier in the season, not the very hush before the hurricane!

The earlier this problem is solved the better it is for the young man.

History of Earlier

Word Origin & History

early O.E. ærlice, from ær "soon, ere" (from P.Gmc. *airiz, from PIE *ayer- "day, morning") + -lice "-ly," adverbial suffix (see -ly (2)). The early bird of the proverb is from 1670s. Related: Earlier; earliest.

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